North Carolina Insurance Department - Sold us insurance policy at low premium and raised it 50%

New Bern, North Carolina 0 comments

My wife and I have owned long term care policies for nine years and the premiums have remained the same during this period.We have arranged our finances to assure that we can continue to pay these premiums so that we have adequate protection.

This week, we were notified that our premiums will increase 50% and that they have approval of the North Carolina Insurance Department. It is obvious to us that our insurance company made a serious error in forecasting their future claim costs at the time they sold us the policies and now they want us to pay for their error. This forces us to either cancel our policies and lose all the money we have paid or greatly reduce the benefits we get. It appears that many seniors will be in the same position.

Is there any recourse that we can take and can you help?

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